About Us
We believe in offering families affordable, quality education
along with flexible hours. At Children's Garden, there are
year-round opportunities for your child to learn and develop
in a loving and secure environment.
Our Philosophy Encourages Family Involvement.
We know that parents play a critical role in their child's
educational success and positive attitude toward learning.
We promote partnerships between providers and parents to
create the best understanding of each child's strengths and
opportunities. We encourage you to be involved and to talk
your child's school.  We at children’s garden home daycare
are committed to providing an educational environment of
academic excellence.  Our aim is to foster a love of
learning, as well as promote academic, emotional and social
growth for each child.
Please feel free to call
Our Daycare is conveniently located at
1302 16th st ne
Auburn wa 98002
Near Dick Scoobe elementary school